Addicted to Food

WP_000166Hello, my name is Patrick and I am addicted to food. I have been addicted to food the majority of my life. As a young child I was given food for comfort. I have taken this coping strategy through my childhood, teenage years and on through adulthood.

I am stressed – I eat
I am tired – I eat
I am angry – I eat
I am excited – I eat
I am sad – I eat
I am bored – I eat
I am happy – I eat
I am celebrating – I eat

My coping strategy for just about everything is to eat.

This is a cycle I have been living with the majority of the 40 years I have been alive. Last week I took a step on the scale for the first time in a few weeks. The numbers were staggering. I had peaked well over 300 pounds. I had seen this number before, but now realize I need to take action.

I am tired of being a specator.

Life is not meant to be a spectaor sport. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. It is extremely difficult to enjoy life with two very active boys when one is over 300 pounds.

There will be difficulties and struggles. There will be pain. There will be failures.

But in the end, there will be life.

I choose to live.

iPad Mini Giveaway

On November 2, Apple will be launching the iPad mini.

A group of Arizona bloggers decided to get together and offer our readers a chance to win the new iPad mini.

This is sure to be on the gift list of someone you know. It may even be on yours.

The Arizona bloggers participating are:

Let’s Giveway an iPad

We will be giving away one iPad Mini with Wi-Fi. This will be a 16GB iPad. It is Black. For the iPad mini, the back color of the black model is slate. This giveaway is open to US residents 18 and over. Approximate retail value is $329.00

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